Our Work

A blog on our recent projects.



The Roses

We at AFR Design provided our client with 2D and 3D plans using computer software to help guide them through construction as well as providing them with on site project management where required. When working with us we can guarantee professional advice / guidance with planning and construction matters as well as on site consultation and finally kitchen, bedroom and bathroom fittings to go with any proposed architectural work.


County Kitchens

We at AFR Design have been working closely with our partnered company County Kitchens to now provide custom bespoke fittings for all our future Architectural Projects when requested. We are now offering all clients the option of a fully fitted bathroom, kitchen or bedroom for your proposed extensions / new builds. For more information please contact us via phone or email, all of which are available on our website.



Old Dwellinghouse

Autumn 2021 - Twinmotion Render for a proposed restoration of an old dwelling house in County Durham. We plan for this design to be a modern restoration of a 18th century build while maintaining the integrity and character of the original dwelling house, with respectfully design choices inline with the guidelines of our local planning authorities.


Sycamore Lodge

Sycamore Lodge - Twinmotion 2022 - Twinmotion has recently established itself as a game changer in the Architecture business with its new feature Path Tracing which allows you to render these high quality images in seconds